So 9 months on from our wedding day and Im back under the beautiful sailcloth tent with my OPW partners for the events under canvas showcase. 
How does it feel you ask?
Well, obviously it’s not quite the same as it was on our wedding day as no day will ever top that but I’ll always be a massive fan of an outside DIY wedding and specifically Events Under Canvas and the sailcloth tent. It’s pretty and airy but still fits in with a rural setting stylishly.
When asked why book a tent with Events Under Canvas and not just a general marquee? The answer; pick a gucci Handbag not a tesco carrier bag! 
They are the Gucci handbag equivalent in the Tent world!

We actually originally booked the tipis for our wedding day last July because we all love them, to be located in a field behind Dans parents, specifically choosing an outside wedding because I wanted to have a completely free reign and not be governed by strict venue rules, it is also a pretty darn cool wedding venue! However being a lover of the light as a photographer the natural brightness of the sailcloth confused my mind and being indecisive I left the final decision to Dan who chose the sailcloth tent much to my surprise BUT we don’t regret it one bit.

It was so beautiful and we were lucky to have such a glorious sunny day, it was absolute rural elegance.

We love both styles of tent and also the stretch tent that housed our bar on the day. i JUST NEED TO ORGANISE ANOTHER EVENT WHERE i can book the tipis - 1 year anniversary party?!

The service from the Team at Events Under Canvas was superb, from the booking, the changing of minds to the set up and taking down...all the guys were professional, hard working and passionate about what they do! All traits important to us having been working in the wedding industry for nearly ten years ourselves.
What a team!
Thanks to Jenna & all the crew for making our dream day a reality.I’m sorry the ground was so hard on one of the hottest summers in years and that I’ve taken so long to feedback properly.

so back to this weekend and the excitement of all the couples planning their day - it’s such a lovely vibe at the showcase and to those I spoke to I hope it was helpful. Feel free to contact me to chat about my experience as a DIY bride and planning an outside wedding. I feel like I’m a pro now on what to do and not do!

We met up with some old friends and made some new this weekend. All fabulous and wanting to help make a wedding day the absolute best day possible and I’ve taken a selection of photos highlighting some of the gorgeous examples of what’s available. I just don’t think you can beat what’s on offer and it’s the most amazing day of your life so you’re worth it! 



We went quite simplistic this time for our third showcase, we were asked to dress the top table enabling couples to use their imagination in the rest of the space which I think is a great idea as someone’s idea of perfection is someone else’s worst nightmare. 
It was ideal for us just doing the one table as being in between seasons on our flower farm and a team extremely passionate about creating beautiful spaces in an ethical and sustainable way we didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on importing flowers just to demonstrate what we can do, we would much prefer to use masses of our own grown when that day comes this year!! We used our dried flowers and a side garden scene using some plants destined for the farm or garden. A great idea for your welcome drinks table or cake table. We used our flamingo stationerY WITH blue silk ribbons to set things off.
The glasses, plates and cutlery were our own props for demonstration purposes only.

We often get asked about prop hire but the only props we hire are those that accompany our florals like our vases, jars, bottles, candle sticks, painted barrels, milk churns and vintage chairs they all help set the scene with our floral displays and a small hire charge on top of the floral arrangement cost applies to some items but not all items.

In keeping with our theme and ethos we hope lots of you picked up our free seeds for saving our bees - sprinkle with love.

To showcase our home grown flowers and Photography we have lots of styled shoots planned over the next 6 months so keep your eyes peeled for these or get in touch if you are a supplier keen to get involved. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration with B’s Cake CREATIONS and Sian Elan MAKEUP.

Being back in the sailcloth tent made me reminisce back to our day and a few helpful tips that I learned from my experience about an outside DIY wedding:

1. My only regret was not booking an on the day co-ordinator to oversee the suppliers and a few finishing touches that as the bride I physically couldn’t do. As an example our cake ended up on a random table that appeared from nowhere! It didn’t matter on the day in the grand scheme of things but looking back it was a shame my plan didn’t materialiSe. Also the wind got up while we were in the church and knocked over our entrance floral displays outside the tent and messed up our beautiful chiffon arch - if you are doing a DIY outside wedding I would say having someone just to facilitate things is a must as they would be on site to watch out for anything going a bit pear shaped!

2. Entertainment - we were lucky enough to have an amazing singer that sang pretty much all day and DJ’d in the evening (Lara George & Hubby) but without any type of speaker system set up like in a typical venue you have to think thoroughly about what will work best for you and entertaining your guests. Ours was perfect and The Sax Walker is another of our close faves as an option for an outside wedding.

3. Operation Clean Up - do yourself a big favour and arrange the next day clean up. We had to pick up our own supplies the next day being a wedding company and that was hard enough, least I didn’t have to clean! 

4. Outside Catering & Bars - just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it has to be a bbq and warm drinks. We had an STUNNING 3 course meal provided my Gather & Feast and a fantastic bar supplied by Essex Bars with help from Tony at The Village Maid pub. Since our day we’ve met some fabulous people such as Prosecco O Clock and The Gin Caddy plus Queen bee coffee and gather bars that are such cool options for the day.

5. Don’t forget about the finishing touches and how to achieve them. We had a huge floral installation to go up in our tent on the day of the wedding but we forgot to organise with the team so we had no way of safely putting it up - make sure you get everything communicated well in advance so as not to cause stress or disappointment.

6. Lastly light up the surroundings using solar lights and get them set up a week before if possible to really ensure the effectiveness. We had a magical twinkly zone that still looks lovely now.

On a final note, thanks everyone for coming to see us plus those who support us and what we do and to confirm (as it was a question I received a lot over the weekend) you don’t have to have photography, stationery and floristry altogether - you can book individual packages - we are 3 ladies who share 3 talents to form OPW 

Lauren xx

Link to all our favourite suppliers in is in our shout out page